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okay so I decided to make a P.I.E RP group buuuuut, the catch is: The original members of the HQ now have children! (Dun dun daaaah!)

spots taken: Johnny Toast's child: Serafina Toast - 15 years old (me >:3)

spots open: Johnny Ghost's child.
Spooker's child.
Jimmy Casket's child (optional).
Johnny Ghost.
Johnny Toast.
Jimmy Casket.

And like many other RP groups there are rules: No Bullying!!, You can choose an age, a first name and a middle name (optional) for the kids (as shown above) but they must have the last name of the P.I.E character you've chosen, You may choose if the kids are male or female, the limit of characters you can play as is 2, shipping is allowed (example: Jimmy Casket's child x Johnny Toast's child), no smut/lemons/yaoi/yuri if you're under the age of sixteen or can handle it, if you have an idea of what the kids will look like, link a picture if possible (I'm gonna put a link for what I think Johnny Toast's child (who I'm playing as in the RP) looks like in the description), That's it for now, Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Also P.I.E belongs to Venturiantale/Jordan.
P.I.E JR Rp group free to join ^^ also here's what I think Serafina would look like in my opinion:…
making a P.I.E JR RP group who wants to join? :D 
okay I was playing Splatoon earlier and a girl said, "is Splatoon 2 for the nintendo switch only? cause I couldn't find it for my wii u and I saw the teaser for the second game and I got my wii u like 5 months ago =[" and I was like 'okayyyyy..?' and just moseyed along to a turf war.
my Quotev was disabled for like no reason... is there anything I can do to get it back? ;-; 
idk why but I now ship Kirby with Chibiusa from Sailor Moon for some reason XD 


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